How does one switch factions? This is what happened to me.

Actually a better question there would be why. The point is though, and I have no idea if this the norm, it only seems to be, that WoW players tend to stick to their faction. Since I have been playing WoW I have stuck to the Alliance faction of things. I liked humans, dwarves, etc. Lately though I have found myself playing more and more on the Horde side of my server. I almost have a Paladin to 80, and I even faction changed my shaman, making an orc out of it. I have a druid on deck I plan on leveling as soon as the new random bg system comes out. All the while, my other characters have been left out in the dust, not really being played. Why is this really? What causes someone with over two years of seeing the same people, to jump ship and go to the other side? That is what I want to explore a bit here.

Are heroic dungeons too easy?

Go onto any forum devoted in any way to World of Warcraft, you will find a thread on the site, often a long one lamenting the lack of difficulty in heroic dungeons. "Oh god, faceroll." or some crap like that. And while yes, heroic dungeons are often quite easy, there are very good reasons for this, as well as there are some ways to get around this entirely. Now before I go on with this...I understand this is the internet and no matter what people will complain. So really talking about this problem may seem a little pointless. It has just been something that has been on my mind though, so here we go: