Taking the week off.

I have been busy...and sick. So no update this week. Let's see how gaming jives with my new lifestyle.

I am a Paladin in patch 4.0.1

I found out this week that my laptop is a useless piece of crap when it no longer had the space to contain the MMO juggernaut that is World of Warcraft. The new patch came out this week, breaking down and rebuilding the core concepts of so many classes. On top of that, established game systems were turned all upside down and changed. What does that mean for me though, a Paladin who likes getting punched squarely in the face and sometimes smacking things with a huge weapon? I just wanna talk about what this patch did for me today, I am not gonna go over this whole change to the game, because frankly, it's too much, I haven't played around with all the changes, and there are far better places to get that kind of information. So fuck it, let's get a move on. Cut goes here, so ya know, click on the title to read more.

Sonic 4 Episode 1: The Phantom Hedgehog

Okay so I bought Sonic 4: Episode 1 the other day. I want to talk about it briefly, and I say briefly because...well there is not much to say about it. Is it good? Well that is really up to what you want out of a game that promises a return to form for Sonic the Hedgehog, whose image has been roofied, bent over while passed out, and raped viciously in the ass without protection, giving the small blue hero a maliciously resistant strain of HIV. So in the end what you're really asking, is the promise of a return to form a good one? Compared to the loads of dog shit Sega has shoveled at us for years now, yes. Is it a good game on its own? Meh, kinda, not really. Read on for something more detailed than...meh.

Wrath of the Lich King: Looking back

I've been scrambling a lot lately in World of Warcraft. Never really standing around just talking with people, shootin the breeze. No, anything social I have been doing in the game has been accompanied by a flurry of activity, whether it be heroics, questing for The Seeker title, or trying to get Rivendare's damn horse. All of this is being done for one simple reason: Cataclysm is coming out soon, December 7th actually. What always seemed as this nebulous, far off thing now has a concrete date, the beta is winding down and there is light at the end of the Lich King tunnel. While running around like a madman though, I have been thinking this entire time, how good is Wrath? Can I even really judge how good the expansion is, as it was my first full WoW experience. I got in on the game three years ago, when BC wasn't new, but not old either. So do I really have the experience needed to accurately talk about Wrath? I think so. I raided, did the PvP, did all the dungeons, so let's give this a go. Read on for more.