Leaving WoW. For good this time.

I was raiding the other night, and something snapped. Some switch in my brain clicked, in a sudden, surprising manner. For the last four years I have played one game, often to the total exclusion of other games. I have spent so many hours on it, collecting items, fighting, and honestly making real and lasting friendships. But as Wednesday night rolled on in the desolate Firelands, as the members of were downing bosses and murdering trash, I realized something. I was done with this game, done with it in a way that I have never felt before. I didn't want to be in Azeroth anymore, I don't see myself going back. Read more

Really what have I been playing lately?

WoW...and that is it. Everything else took a major fucking backseat to my pursuit of a home and a chance to kill Firelands bosses. Well this past week I finally found my new home on Eldre'Thalas, and I found a guild that I like being with, and that raids. has become my new home, and it seems filled with people who are generally nice. I also got in at just the right time it seems as well. After one night in Firelands with them, they asked me to be part of their regular raiding group, which is really more than I hoped for. Read more

The damn itch is coming back.

The damn itch where I feel the need to raid. It usually happens when my gear catches up to what would be considered to be raid ready. I somehow manage to do this despite never getting the chance to actually raid. However, I put myself in a bit of a spot when it comes to actually getting to raid now. The server I find myself now on, Wyrmrest Accord has two major problems with it. First of all, it's an RP realm that actually RP's. This is definitely weird for me, coming from Earthen Ring, which is full of fucking morons and little else, but at least they raid. Wyrmrest Accord as a server is more concerned about Black Temple than Firelands, which does not net me valor points. Read More

Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu

So I am back from my trip to the Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware, and I have come home with a few interesting beers from what has become over the years my favorite brewery. In the spirit of my weekend traveling, I decided to rip of a great blog I read, and do a game and booze pairing. Read More

My weekend trip game.

So I settled on Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS for my game to play during the weekend. I got to play a surprising amount of the game, though most of it came during the horrific car ride to Delware, and back. As such I did not get to drink really while playing it. I am also very tired tonight, and decided not to indulge in the pairing I thought up for the game. Chateau Jiahu by Dogfish Head is what I plan on trying tomorrow and seeing if my ideas will gel nicely with the game. I think they will.

In the meantime; I was just talking to my friend Joe about how the Wii U will have DLC. I like the idea, but they need to fix this memory issue if they're going to do this. I refuse to catalog what DLC I put on what SD memory cards.

3DS Price Drop

So Nintendo is apologizing to early adopters. Rewarding them...whatever. It seems even the re-release of what many consider to be the greatest game of all time was not able to push the big N over 850K sales of it's new portable funtime machine. With absolutely nothing I can think of coming out in August, and Star Fox 64 (a remake...) coming out in mid-Sept, it seems Nintendo has finally realized they counted the chickens before they hatched...and those eggs without chickens leaked egg shit everywhere. Read More

So close your eyes

I plan on having something up tomorrow. Also I am going to steal a page from another blog I read. The Art of Pairing Video Games with Booze is a great time, and I love what he does. Since I am going to Delaware this weekend to go to the Dogfish Head brewery, I figured I will try and think of a game pairing or two, and test it out. Anyway, yes, tomorrow will bring new stuff.