The damn itch is coming back.

The damn itch where I feel the need to raid. It usually happens when my gear catches up to what would be considered to be raid ready. I somehow manage to do this despite never getting the chance to actually raid. However, I put myself in a bit of a spot when it comes to actually getting to raid now. The server I find myself now on, Wyrmrest Accord has two major problems with it. First of all, it's an RP realm that actually RP's. This is definitely weird for me, coming from Earthen Ring, which is full of fucking morons and little else, but at least they raid. Wyrmrest Accord as a server is more concerned about Black Temple than Firelands, which does not net me valor points. Read More

Now the other problem is that it is a west coast server. I guess this was something I always took for granted on Earthen Ring (an east coast server), but now the raid times are extremely inconvenient for me, especially if they are late on server time, as that is super late for me, especially with my schedule change. I used to be up all night, but now a days, I am in bed by midnight often. So if I wanted to raid on this server say for 3 hours, 2 days a week...I would need to start at ...maybe 10 my time. That's 7pm server time. One a normal server, that is not such a big deal. However on this server, which is more junior-high RP drama class than game server, it just seems impossible to find something that would work for me.

Now the issue is what do I do at this point? Leave the server again? I don't find that likely. Even though I do not RP, I have spent a good amount of money throwing my toons over there. I also like a few of the people I have found myself being around. Others are kind of douchey, but whatever, I know I am not the most likeable guy. I could just shunt the main somewhere else, who knows. Only time and my boredom will tell.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem like a difficult decision. I see three options:

1. If you really have to raid, you clearly have to quit your job.

2. If quitting your job isn't feasible, you have to move your toons to a different server.

3. If you can't quit your job and don't want to move your toons, you have no choice but to stop playing WoW.