Really what have I been playing lately?

WoW...and that is it. Everything else took a major fucking backseat to my pursuit of a home and a chance to kill Firelands bosses. Well this past week I finally found my new home on Eldre'Thalas, and I found a guild that I like being with, and that raids. has become my new home, and it seems filled with people who are generally nice. I also got in at just the right time it seems as well. After one night in Firelands with them, they asked me to be part of their regular raiding group, which is really more than I hoped for. Read more

See, I went into this server hop expecting to get in a guild and be on some sort of trial run/probation period. I expected my DPS to be low-end compared to more established people. It seems however that I was wrong, as I am close to top in DPS usually (Except Bethtil'ac, but hey I get to run around for-fucking-ever in that fight.), and as a newer guild formed from raiders, they still needed one or two more people to fill up regular spots. I fit the bill, and I am the full-time Ret Pally, which I have to say, suits me nicely. Already got two drops out of Firelands, oddly both gloves. I got to see four bosses and down all of them, with only Baleroc giving us a huge headache. So really, what does this mean for me now? Have I found a home for my toons, a place I can call my own?

I think, barring any crazy developments, the answer is yes. I can see myself sticking with these people, through Firelands and into the Deathwing fight. They're nice enough people, they know what they're doing, and they seemingly managed to accept me pretty quickly. Also while not getting in on the ground floor as it were, I got in at just the right time where the guild is forming its own way of doing things and instead of having to play catch-up and learn them, I am part of the process as it happens. We have a stone rotation that works for Baleroc, we figured out our way to kill Spiderlings quickly.

We did this too on the last week of Firelands being somewhat difficult. On Tuesday, Blizzard is going to be beating Firelands with the nerfbat until it cannot move it seems. Now I don't think it will all be at once, but Blizzard said they plan on nerfing Firelands as much as they did BoT and BWD, which I think sits around a 30% nerf right across the board. So I don't know if it's gonna be 5% a week, or if when I walk into FL on Wed, everything will feel like we're doing Ulduar on our 85's.

Do I mind the change? Yes and no. Yes because I got to waltz into FL the other day, with barely any experience prior and I was able to hang. I did my thing, and we downed some bosses. I wanted to see if I could keep it up going into Fire bird and beyond. Also if they do 30% all in one shot, that is simply too much. The fights would basically all become loot pinatas. Especially since more than one boss have that soft enrage where they sit around for phase 2 and it's simply a DPS race. 30% less health will make those fights simply silly. If they do 5-10% on Tuesday however, I would not mind. That 5-10% would make bosses go down in 2 pulls instead of 8. I am not a person who minds wiping a lot to get a boss down, but it's simply better for the sense of flow.

Now onto the last part. Yes, all I have been playing lately is WoW, no other game has really crossed my mind as of late. That is now changing, probably because I do have a normal raid spot now. I don't feel the need to be on all the time hunting for a new home, or doing other stuff like alts and such. Right now, I wouldn't mind signing on, doing a Zandie or two to cap out my VP for the week and then just get back to raiding. In the meantime, this would allow me all sorts of time to get to my still-growing back catalog of games. Yes, despite only playing WoW, I still buy games. It's sick yes. I have this feeling that I may start what I think is going to be a mediocre game today, Nier by Squeenix. I haven't played a new style RPG in a little while, and well my Xbox is already plugged in.