Dragonquest IX Multiplayer.

I finally got to try the multiplayer function in Dragonquest IX today when my friend Steve stopped by. This function is really what makes the game fun. We honestly did not do much besides murder Metal Slimes in mass numbers, but doing it with a buddy really made things fun. My only complaint is how this cannot be done over wi-fi...and how draining this mode is on the DS battery. Other than that, the things executed in the multiplayer are done exactly as they should be. Bravo Level 5, bravo.

Head hurty, writey anyway

I have, despite finding myself in Azeroth once again, been playing a fair amount of new video games. Last article I wrote about Transformers: War for Cybertron before my brain turned to jelly at work, allowing me to only make the most rudimentary of noises instead of words. I think I was only able to really to communicate in Morse Code, and that was only achieved by banging my head against the table. Odd thing is, I have no fucking clue how to "talk" in Morse Code normally. Now today though, while I am at work again, I feel like I am in a more comfortable position, and can get back to talking about the games taking up my time as of late. And I shall talk about these games after the cut, jump, thing.

Wow...I am lazy.

So it's been a while; a long while since I posted on this damn thing. Really the reasoning for it...I have no excuse. I have not been particularly busy, nor have I not been playing video games. I have been playing a ton of new games actually. I am not normally good with keeping up on new releases, for money reasons, interest reasons, etc, but these past 3-5 weeks have found me very busy in gaming. I guess I should break it all the hell down and talk about the games I have been playing, all of which have been fun in their own, unique way. Then after all of that, I want to talk about booze. Actually wait, let's talk about booze first. Ya know...after the jump.