My weekend trip game.

So I settled on Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS for my game to play during the weekend. I got to play a surprising amount of the game, though most of it came during the horrific car ride to Delware, and back. As such I did not get to drink really while playing it. I am also very tired tonight, and decided not to indulge in the pairing I thought up for the game. Chateau Jiahu by Dogfish Head is what I plan on trying tomorrow and seeing if my ideas will gel nicely with the game. I think they will.

In the meantime; I was just talking to my friend Joe about how the Wii U will have DLC. I like the idea, but they need to fix this memory issue if they're going to do this. I refuse to catalog what DLC I put on what SD memory cards.

3DS Price Drop

So Nintendo is apologizing to early adopters. Rewarding them...whatever. It seems even the re-release of what many consider to be the greatest game of all time was not able to push the big N over 850K sales of it's new portable funtime machine. With absolutely nothing I can think of coming out in August, and Star Fox 64 (a remake...) coming out in mid-Sept, it seems Nintendo has finally realized they counted the chickens before they hatched...and those eggs without chickens leaked egg shit everywhere. Read More

So close your eyes

I plan on having something up tomorrow. Also I am going to steal a page from another blog I read. The Art of Pairing Video Games with Booze is a great time, and I love what he does. Since I am going to Delaware this weekend to go to the Dogfish Head brewery, I figured I will try and think of a game pairing or two, and test it out. Anyway, yes, tomorrow will bring new stuff.

Review: Torchlight

I feel like I could say it's a pretty Diablo with a dog and knock off for the night. I still may do that halfway through this thing, who knows. Maybe I'll just start talking about chocolate. The possibilities are endless.  Read more

Backlog and annoying bitches

I was never one to play all the games I own as soon as I get them. I always had a modest backlog of games going on, usually RPG's, which as we know, tend to take a lot more time to play than the more standard cover-based shooty bullshit. WoW doesn't help matters either. Game is really more of a fucking lifestyle choice, and it's starting to bug me again. Read more

Making the transition: Finding what you are looking for first in a guild

It is weird. I find myself wanting to do something that I have no wanted to do in a while. I touched on it in the last post when I spoke about...well really nothing. It was just babbling. But what I was hinting at the other day was that I was going to be trying raiding again. This is something that became part of my normal week, and while it was fun doing it with people who were fun to be around, we suffered from a heavy burnout when Deathbringer Saurfang was brought down. Eventually the guild stopped raiding and most people left the game. I stuck around for the most part, and while I have had fun with my casual leveling game, I have found myself wanting to do more of the endgame content. Read on