My weekend trip game.

So I settled on Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS for my game to play during the weekend. I got to play a surprising amount of the game, though most of it came during the horrific car ride to Delware, and back. As such I did not get to drink really while playing it. I am also very tired tonight, and decided not to indulge in the pairing I thought up for the game. Chateau Jiahu by Dogfish Head is what I plan on trying tomorrow and seeing if my ideas will gel nicely with the game. I think they will.

In the meantime; I was just talking to my friend Joe about how the Wii U will have DLC. I like the idea, but they need to fix this memory issue if they're going to do this. I refuse to catalog what DLC I put on what SD memory cards.


Dave said...

It really needs a hard drive. Notebook sized drives are dirt cheap and go up to 500GB, probably even a Terabyte by the time the Wii U is produced en masse. It seems silly that they make so many changes to make the system better but keep the technologically backwards SD card thing. **crosses fingers** Here's hoping this gets addressed before first production run, or people are gonna be pissed that they bought it on day one and now have to buy it again, or pay more for an upgrade.

Galu said...

^ This

Kesith said...

Hell I would be fine with things if they even told us to go fuck ourselves and buy a 3rd party HD. That would actually be best. USB port, portable HD. I like it.