New picture

Seeing as I do not play WoW seemed to make sense. Not much to talk about right now. I decided im gonna go finish off Lost Odyssey. Anyway, I know my drawing sucks, but I kinda like it.

On finishing a game, and sandboxes.

I have a hard time letting go of games. Ones I like really. The games I dislike tend to be used till I get bored, then just get tossed by the wayside, unfinished and unloved, kind of like your mom. When I was a kid, I was a completionist in games, a bad one. Come hell or high water (that didn't knock out the power) I was going to explore every nook and cranny of the video games I played. I was going to get every item, murder-fuck every monster in my path and claim not only the Princess but also the secret magic item that makes her wanna do more than shake Mario's fucking hand, giving him a feeling of accomplishment and the biggest case of blue balls since that stupid bitch got turned into a blueberry in Willy Wonka. I guess I should put a cut somewhere...why not here. Read on for more.

Pokemon is too long.

I beat the Pokemon League in Heart Gold tonight. Now I get to go through all of Kanto. When I finish that, I get to fight Ash. His Pikachu is level 88, what the fuck? I feel like Pokemon games are near endless as it is, without all this two games in one garbage (not that I have anything better to do). Nintendo should just make a Pokemon MMO, which would actually be endless, and declare victory over free time forever.


Rambly ramble

I started the Elite Four grind yesterday...then my DS died. I don't remember where I put the charger, ill find it when I get home. Lately though, since quitting WoW, I find myself typically playing about four games at once. First of all is still Just Cause 2, which I have not touched in a few days, however that does not mean I am done with it by any stretch. No, in fact I am looking forward to diving back into the game either tomorrow or Monday, depending on when I have time really. Since I have decided to actually start doing the missions, the game has gotten much better for me, so I definitely do not plan on quitting on the adventures of Poco Rodriguez yet. He shall avenge his window washer/inventor of a father, Ramon. Great, now I'm getting self-referential. Well, onto the stuff that I actually am playing lately. In the interest of keeping this blog thing as tidy as possible, we are going to do the jump cut thing right over here. Read on if you wish.