I have been trying to write now for so long. Nothing.

I have a few draft blogs sitting around on Blogger that I have written in varying states of weariness and/or sobriety. They're all crap, not that what I tend to write is normally gold, but seriously, bad. Tonight really seems as good a night to write as anything. I really was not going to, but I was playing like such absolute crap in heroic ZG that I decided that WoW and myself were not meeting in the middle tonight. I apologized to my group for my poor DPS and tendency to fucking croak and excused myself in the hope that they would get a random DPS who had their head in the game, as mine was obviously not. It was odd too, as I really wanted to play tonight, as it has for the past few nights, WoW has reinstalled itself as my succor from an annoying day of work. I have even found myself for a week now being sick of smacking my face into the heroic wall while using the LFD system. So much so that tonight, I spent a good deal of time skimming possibilities for raid spots. More to read bitches